Creating novel treatments
for amyloid diseases

About ADRx

ADRx, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company created to develop first-in-class and best-in-class drugs for amyloid diseases. The company intends to discover and develop drug candidates independently and in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  ADRx leverages a comprehensive understanding of protein structure and aggregation to design therapeutic compounds to address an unmet medical need in amyloid diseases.  As a part of our portfolio, our team is currently advancing drug candidates for Alzhiemer’s disease, systemic amyloidosis and ovarian cancer. Based on groundbreaking research conducted at UCLA by ADRx co-founder David Eisenberg, ADRx has focused on the development of therapies for amyloid diseases.


The ADRx team has developed ADvantage, a proprietary drug discovery technology platform that leverages our understanding of amyloid protein structure, aggregation and function into a proprietary iterative tool for drug development.  ADRx has employed its Advantage platform to design and evolve novel therapeutic compounds. 


ADRx is a privately funded preclinical stage biotechnology company located in Thousand Oaks, California.