ADRx Team

James Treanor, Ph.D. 

President &

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Auchincloss-Del Bonis

Head of Finance

Marcin Apostol Ph.D. 

Director of Molecular Sciences

Ashley Wright Ph.D.

Senior Scientist


Research Team

Founders & Board of Directors

David Eisenberg, Ph.D. 

Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board and Co-Founder

John Frank,

Co-Founder, Board Member

James Treanor, Ph.D. 

President &

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Wilcox, Ph.D.,

Chairman and Co-Founder

Jim Wells, Ph.D.,

Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board

Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D.,

Dr. Kosik is the Co-Director of the UC Santa Barbara Neuro­science Research Institute and Founder of CFIT, now a program of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. He received his M.D. degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, and held various appointments at the Harvard Medical School. He is a Neurologist and expert in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Thomas C. Boone, M.A.,

Tom Boone was formerly Amgen VP, Protein Sciences overseeing a biologics R&D team of over 300 researchers across five sites. Tom currently consults or acts as an advisor for more than 10 companies and owns his own company developing biologics for companion animals.

Lyn R. Frumkin, M.D., Ph.D.,

Dr. Frumkin is Consulting Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and advises industry and venture capital firms on biotech and life sciences investment opportunities. He led clinical drug development programs at Amgen and ICOS Corp. and regulatory strategy for successful approval of pivotal trials.

William F. DeGrado, Ph.D.,

Dr. Grado is Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UCSF, after a highly successful careers in drug discovery at Dupont and Dupont Merck.


Nancy Stagliano, Ph.D.,

Dr. Stagliano is an accomplished serial biotechnology entrepreneur serving as chief executive officer three consecutive biotech companies: CytomX Therapeutics (CTMX), iPierian and, most recently, True North Therapeutics.